Composer & Vocalist


Together with the Italian guitarrist and anhropoligist Andrea Cagnola Klara is conducting an artistic research. F:lora primarily aims at exploring the notion of connection. Although the duo like to keep the project open-ended, there are two main poles around which the project gravitates. Firstly, they’d like to venture into the multiple possibilities for fluid interaction that exist between seemingly unconnected human sensorial modules and frequencies of perception. Sound is a constant in the research, as they will attempt to open a line of communication with other kinds of sensorial perception, such as colors, perfumes, touch and taste. Secondly, Klara and Andrea will apply their formats and findings to interspecies communication, especially between humans and plants of various kinds.

Compser & Vocalist


Comissioned for the marvellous musicians pianist Emma Johansson and and violinist Victoria Stjerna. Amarena is a pianotrio exploring the art of the contemporary pianotrio: piano, violin and voice.


Amarena – pianotrio (2021)
Elements in Symbioses – stringtrio (2019)
Vågspel – pianotrio (2018)
Riflessi Sull’Acqua – sinfonetta (2018)
Quelli Vicini – symphony orchestra (2018)
Sotto Le Stelle – sinfonietta (2017)
El viento Viajero – klarinett & piano (2017)
The Sea – symphony orchestra (2013)

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Compser & Vocalist

Stirner Acoustic

Klara and her brother Jonatan Stirner have built a repertoire with acoustic and crystal clear originals aiming to explore improvisation and shapes of poetic harmonic music. Creating a “beyond poetry” experience.


Midnight Duo
Stirner Acoustic
Giacomo Troncon Quartett feat.
French Connection Quintett