Originally trained as a classical violinist at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Klara is a Swedish composer and vocalist. In 2017 she moved to Florence where she studied for internationally renowned professors such as Andrea Portera and Susanna Rigacci. In only a few years she has already composed for several of Swedens professional orchestras, having her first symphonic piece The Sea premiered and taken into the repertoir by Gävle Symphony Orchestra at the age of 19.

During her violin studies at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Klara was entrusted with a composition commission by the cultural department of Gothenburg for the professional orchestra Dalasinfoniettan. She was later that year admitted on a scholarship to The New School of Mannes & Contemporary Music in New York where she studied a semester for the composer Lowel Libermann (Julliard School of Music) at the classical department with various prominent singers of the New York jazzscene at the contemporary music department.

Parallel with her studies, she has worked diligently as a composer and singer. She held the title “Young Composer of the Year” 2019 by Scenkonst Sörmland as she was entrusted with a string trio for musicians in Camerata Nordica. Klara has written solistically demanding pieces for many of Sweden’s most promising young classical musicians such as participants of the Nordic Soloist prize Magnus Holmader, Emma Johansson and Victoria Stjerna among others. Klara wrote a piano trio for the Gothenburg Chamber Music Association which was their first premiere ever. In 2017 she was also one of eight composers being selected to participate in the the first edition of the Paxos International Film Scoring Workshop in Greece. 

In connection with the premiere for Dalasinfoniettan 2017, she was noticed and interviewed on Swedish national television SVT and in several newspapers. She has received scholarships such as the STIM (the swedish association for royalties scholarship), Anna Whitlock, Kempe Carlgrenska and Anders Sandrew scholarship for art students abroad, as well as Härryda Kommun kulturstipendium, Williniska Stiftelsen stipendium, among others.

Characteristic of her music is her intuitive uncompromising musicality. Apart from a profound interest in classical music and modern jazz, she holds an interest in world music and has influences from the South American tradition, especially Colombia. By being a violinist and orchestra player she’s been given a great practical knowledge of instruments and repertoire that makes the music comfortable and fun for the players.  Apart from pure composition and voice duties, she works at the moment with music as a therapeutic tool and crossover collaborations such as dance or olfactory art.

Local newspaper Barometern of Kalmar regions’s review of Klara Stirner piece Amarena for piano and violin: 

❝ [the music of] Klara, born 1993 is an experience to just indulge yourself in. (…) The flow of notes seems simple, but is continuously changing with variation that gives dynamic. Organically the notes of the violin and piano melt together, melodically and beautiful. ❞

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